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A fun up-beat punk rock song inspired by "The Clash" that teaches the rules and oddities of the English language


A,E,I,O,U, and sometimes Y..

Well there's so many rules hidden in the English language it's so easy to be wrong, and corrected and mistaken
so we wrote a little song about the language of our nation
Now let's not forget to conjugate the verbs

Don't you wanna know about the English language?

Well I know a guy named Pete
he's a capricorn mechanic and he likes to work on cars and loves surfin the Atlantic
and his favorite color's blue and he hates to go to the dentist
and that is an example of a run on sentence...

Don't you wanna know about the English language?

Your and you're yeah they might sound the same but they're completely different words and they're often to blame for creating a gramatically incorrect catastrophe
that's why it's my philosophy to always use an apostrophe

Don't you wanna know about the English language?

Hey kids here's a tip that you should memorize
don't forget to cross your T's and dot your lower case J's

An allegory's like a metaphor but extended in which object, person's, actions are narrated and equated with an underlying meaning that has moral significance
personified by abstract ideas
(I'm not getting this)

An idiom exaggerates events that may transpire
Like it's raining cats & dogs or getting closer to the wire
A group of lines in poetry is often called a stanza
A noun can be a person, place or thing
(like Tony Danza)

There's a couple animals that like to use their vowels
(moo) goes the cow the cat goes (meow) and (hoot) goes the strigiform

Don't you wanna know about the English language?
A,E, I, O, U


from Introducing the Jelly of the Month Club, released October 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Jelly of the Month Club Long Beach, California

Jelly of the Month Club is: Bud Gaugh (famed drummer from Sublime); Capt. Dr. Todd (horns and keys from Sublime & Sublime with Rome); Bert Susanka (lead singer from the legendary surf-punk band the Ziggens); Mic Dangerously (lead singer and guitarist from the funk rock band Zen Robbi); and Mr. Crumb (lead singer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist from his own alternative rock group, Mr. Crumb). ... more

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